Ace-tutors MI aims to achieve the best results possible for our students and we help the students in each and every possible way. We are committed to providing excellent coaching for student’s success. To know the success rate of your kids, we will provide immediate feedback to parents. All the class/test prep material will match up with the student’s interest. Our classes will start with the pre-assessment test and according to the students performance, we will give a road map to the students to follow to achieve their goals. Better learning is possible in a stimulating environment where students have access to the proper resources. Our tutors reinforce the key academic skills that are critical to our children’s success. We combine the strategies, skills, and lots of targeted practice guided by our expert tutors

SAT Prep CLASSES BEGIN ON June 25th, 2016

SAT Prep

SAT is a school-administered test that most juniors are required to take in order to graduate. This test allows colleges to assess their applicant’s capabilities. It is crucial that your student does well in these standardized tests in order to be accepted in the university of their choice.

Ace Tutors offers students a 12 weeks session where we review material that the SAT test covers for the first 6 weeks. The next 4 weeks we give students practice tests that allow them to boost their scores. SAT test requires dedication and persistence. We provide students with the material needed to succeed. And students must be ready to work hard to attain a desirable score as well.

CLASSES BEGIN ON June 25th, 2016

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement (AP) courses can save your students time and money when it comes to college. Many high schools offer AP and IB programs that allow students to advance their educational skills. At Ace Tutors we offer tutoring and help in numerous AP/IB classes from history to various sciences and mathematics classes. Below is a list of the AP/ IB classes that we offer. Our staff is fully experiencedin these subject matters.

  • AP/IB World History
  • AP/IB US History
  • AP/IB European History
  • AP/IB Macroeconomics
  • AP/IB Microeconomics
  • AP/IB Calculus I (AB)
  • AP/IB Calculus II (BC)
  • AP/IB Psychology
  • AP/IB Biology
  • AP/IB Environmental Science

Students who take AP/IB classes are much more likely than their peers to complete their Bachelor’s degree in 4 years or less. AP/IB classes provide students an advantage when applying to high selective universities. These classes can qualify for college credit allowing students to complete college classes in advance for much cheaper than in college. Come in anytime and ask for our AP/IB tutoring program catered to your kids needs. We help students learn and revise material taught in their AP/IB classes.